Back and Side Woods

Back and Side Woods

Various types of woods are used for construction in the back and sides. While often considered one of the more artistic and representative aspects of the guitar, these only shape the sound that the top wood is going to make. A variety of options are available to satify most individuals needs both visually and tonally. Of the various obtainable woods out there we generally narrow to just a few that most reasonably balance cost, sustainability, asthetics, and tonality. Please click to learn more about the options and characteristics of the various choices.



Sapele Mahogany Indian Rosewood Malaysian Blackwood Cocobolo


Honduran Mahogany
Swietenia macrophylla

East Indian Rosewood
Dalbergia latifolia

Malaysian Blackwood
Diospyros ebonasea

Dalbergia retusa



Special Order

Bubinga Camatillo Rosewood Lacewood Ziricote Madagascar Rosewood

Didelotia africana
Guibourtia demeusei

Camatillo Rosewood

Spanish Silver Oak

Roupala Brasilensis

Cordia dodecandra

Madagascar Rosewood
Dalbergia baronni
Dalbergia greaveana